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SEGA has shipped Spikeout: Battle Street to retailers across the nation.

This cooperative brawler is a throwback to the days of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. Working together, players pound through an endless array of thugs as they decide the fate of a turf war. Additionally, the game can be played via Xbox live where up to four players can get together for some good ol' fashion co-op gang banging.

This sounds great and we hope that it's SEGA's return to form. We'll find out shortly.

Old-School Brawler Takes to the Streets via Xbox Live

SAN FRANCISCO (March 29, 2005) SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced the availability of SPIKEOUT®: Battle Street on the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. This is the first cooperative fighting game designed for play on the Xbox™ Live service from Microsoft Game Studios, reviving the long-dormant ‘street-brawler' genre.

Players get to fight their way through a single-player mode centered on a turf war between two gangs: Team Spike and Team Inferno. Every chapter alternates whose side of the conflict you see. As a solo experience, SPIKEOUT: Battle Street offers a tremendous challenge; getting to the end and beating the final boss is the mark of an expert gamer. Online mode dispenses with the cut-scenes, allowing gamers to play with three friends and tackle the levels in any order.

"Finally, fighting fans can enjoy more than just a two-player face-off on Xbox Live," said Yosuke Moriya, Assistant Product Manager, SEGA of America. "It's great fun to strategize with teammates on voice chat during knock-down, drag-out fights."

SPIKEOUT: Battle Street features heroes, enemies, and bosses unlike any you've seen in an action game. Crazy costumes and wild fighting styles make these characters anything but cookie-cutter thugs. Katana swords, iron wrenches, wooden planks, and more are yours to use as weapons during fights, and there are special attacks and combos that are specific to each character. This unique, highly stylized game will be a must-have in any hardcore game fan's library.

SPIKEOUT: Battle Street is rated 'T' for Teen and is available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $29.95.

For screenshots and artwork, visit the SEGA FTP site at: ftp://segapr.segaamerica.com.

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