Sorry US: No POP-HD for you!

by: Jeremy -
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Ubisoft has finally come clean on the existance of a 3D / HD re-release of the recent Prince of Persia games from the last generation of consoles. The title, which has been rumored for months, has finally been officially announced in the form of Prince of Persia HD Collection... but only as a European exclusive.

The PS3-exclusive collection contains all three of the Prince of Persia games from the last console generation and remasters them in 720P on a Blu-Ray disc with 3D gaming enabled. THe games included on the disc are The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and Two Thrones. The title will be released in Europe on November 19, 2010 for about 30 Euros.

Personally, as with most other region-exclusive releases, I really hope that this collection makes its way here to the States. All three of the original games were big hits in their original form(s) so why not bring them back for more? Hopefully Ubisoft will give in an send it elsewhere soon...

Source: Gamikaze 

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