Sony outlines the single player campaign of Killzone Shadow Fall in new trailer

by: Chuck -
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Sony has released a new trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall which gives you the high level view of the single player portion of the game.  The Helghast and the Vektans are sharing the planet Vekta but it's an uneasy alliance especially since Helghan was irradiated during the events of Killzone 3 by the Vektans.  So yeah, you can see where they might be a little upset.

The footage certain looks amazing and it will be hard to top the visuals of Killzone 3.  However, it won't be that hard to top the gameplay and plot of Killzone 3 as both were a little weak.  Outside of Knack this is the big launch title for the Playstation 4 and I'm hoping that the folks at Guerrilla games have focused on more than the visuals with Killzone Shadow Fall.

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