Sony officially shutters Zipper Interactive

by: Jeremy -
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It has been rumored for the past couple of weeks and the news has unfortunately been made official: Zipper Interactive is no more. Sony has elected to shutter the development studio as a means of “resource re-allignment”. Zipper has been a staple on Sony’s platforms for a while now, producing big first party games like the SOCOM series, MAG, and Unit 13.

The studios closure will cost the entire 80-man team their jobs, though Sony has stated that they are offering assistance in finding new positions. We are always saddened to see anyone lose their job(s) in our beloved industry and wish everyone affected by Zipper’s closure the best of luck in landing on their feet.

As a note to gamers, Sony is pledging to continue supporting the Zipper developed games currently out for their systems, specifically the recently released Vita shooter, Unit 13. It doesn’t appear as if things such as Unit 13‘s daily challenges will be going away any time soon.

Source: VOX Games
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