Sony offering numerous ways to view their E3 presser

by: Jeremy -
More On: Playstation Home
Sony has announced a wide variety of ways to watch next week’s E3 press conference. The gaming giant recently announced that they will live-stream the entire press conference on the Official PlayStation Blog. The stream on the web site will also include a live-chat module which will field questions from the viewers as well, during specific presentations.

The PlayStation Blog isn’t your only official option for the press conference either as Sony will also stream the event live through PlayStation Home. Just as they did last year, Sony will host a virtual PlayStation Booth in PlayStation Home which will allow PS3 users to tour a virtual E3 display with all of the latest news and announcements directly from the conference as it occurs in Los Angeles. There will also be plenty of special virtual items to unlock through the experience as well, which will likely draw quite a few PS Home fans.

One way or another, Sony seems intent on delivering their press conference to the masses... how will you be watching?

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