Sonic Generations to nostalgia its way onto the 3DS

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While the Wii is missing out on Sonic Generations, the 3DS will be getting the (hopefully) franchise-rebooting hedgehog sequel this November. The 3DS will feature levels specifically tailored to the handheld's stereoscopic capabilities, many of them based on classic 16-bit zones from older Sonic games.

Considering the 3DS is graphically the equivalent of a souped-up Wii, we're probably getting to see what Sonic Generations would've looked and played like on the Wii anyway...minus the waggle, of course. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised, however, if a Project Cafe version of the game gets announced next Tuesday at Nintendo's E3 presser.

Celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary in a Whole New Dimension!

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (June 1st, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. & SEGA® America, Inc., today confirmed that Sonic Generations™ will be released on Nintendo’s new handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS™ in November 2011. Set across three defining eras from Sonic the Hedgehog’s twenty year history, Sonic Generations™ for Nintendo 3DS will see SEGA’s mascot speeding through new levels designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system.

“Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS will combine brand new technology and twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog videogame heritage” commented David Corless, Global Brand Director for Sonic. “Couple this with the ability to play as both Classic and Modern Sonic and you have the perfect gaming celebration for the landmark anniversary of our much loved mascot”

The specifically designed Nintendo 3DS environments, based on iconic levels from popular Sonic the Hedgehog titles, will include an exclusive unlockable ‘special stage’ allowing players to become even more immersed in Sonic’s world. Sonic Generations™ for Nintendo 3DS will also take advantage of the StreetPass™ feature by enabling players to collect new content and unlock bonus material each time they pass another player. In addition to this, the new two-player versus mode means fans can battle it out across some of the most recognisable Sonic environments in a completely new way.

Sonic Generations™ for Nintendo 3DS follows the same storyline as the previously announced platforms, with Sonic and his friends pulled back through time due to a mysterious new power which is causing chaos throughout the universe by creating strange “time holes”. Sonic Generations™ will be available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Nintendo 3DS system in November 2011.

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