Sleeping Dogs 101 gives you the low-down on the upcoming sandbox game

by: Sean Colleli -
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I can see why United Front's Sleeping Dogs was originally slated as a True Crime series reboot, before Activision showed United Front the door. It has a lot of the same undercover cop, strained loyalties type elements that were especially prevalent in the tragically buggy, underrated True Crime New York.

That said, I'm very glad Square Enix picked up Sleeping Dogs and let it be the original IP that United Front originally wanted. There needs to be more competition in the crime-based sandbox genre especially with GTA getting a little stale over the past few years, and I'm just happy to see a city that ISN'T New York, Miami or LA or even in the States at all. Hopefully United Front will get some of the nuance of Hong Kong's underworld, as well as at least a little of the Chinese culture. As for the gameplay I'm really digging the involved melee combat and the free-running; those environmental takedowns look like something out of Manhunt. This might even be a decent synthesis between the gritty gunfights of GTA and the hand-to-hand combat from the Yakuza series.

So far Sleeping Dogs looks like it takes the best elements of the admittedly tired sandbox genre and mixes them with the flash and style of Hong Kong action cinema. Check out the trailer below and you might see why I'm really looking forward to this one.

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