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There's no substitute for experience.  But there are many times in player vs. player combat -- especially in MMOs -- when the stakes are simply too high, the risks to great to engage in PvP.  To remedy that, some massively-multiplayer games host a skirmish mode; a way to engage in PvP combat without the often hefty penalties that accompany death.

So on that note, MMO developer Flying Lab Software announced that a skirmish mode has been added to Pirates of the Burning Sea.  I stole a hodgpodge of none-too-beautiful screenshots from Burning Sea's official site, but they'd be better observed in context.  (Don't worry:  the game is lovely.  That's just not translated in the shots below.)  Skirmish mode provides risk-free ship and avatar battles, neither with national or career restrictions, a host of customizable battle options, up to 48 players in a battle, and does them on new maps and environments.

This announcement also invites (unfounded) speculation as to whether or not skirmish mode is being trumpeted to help appease the Sony Online Entertainment gods and to attract a larger subscriber base.  Well, of course.  The point is always to attract a larger subscriber base.  But with today's announcement that The Matrix Online has found an exit (both PotBS and MxO fall under the SOE umbrella), it would certainly behoove Burning Sea to keep itself in the news and in advertising more often.  Heck, I hadn't heard anything from the MxO camp for ... years.  That amount of stagnation and avoidance of the limelight obviously didn't bode well for Neo and company, so I'm wondering if SOE wants all of its properties to step their game up.  


(Seattle, WA) May 29, 2009 – Flying Lab Software has introduced Skirmish, a PvP system for its flagship MMORPG title Pirates of the Burning Sea.  Skirmish gives players a new way to create their own risk-free PvP battles both on land and at sea .

Using a customizable lobby system, players can create swashbuckling or ship battles with up to 48 participants.  There are no national or career restrictions on skirmish battles, so it’s a great way for societies to train new members or try out more advanced tactics without losing precious ships and equipment. The Skirmish system also allows players to get experience with large battles on demand, so they can experience fleet combat even when they don’t win a place in one of the epic Port Battles.

 “We’re very excited about Skirmish,”, said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software. “we think it really complements our existing PvP and Port Conquest systems, as it lets players PvP in a fun way before getting down to the serious business of defending the realm.”

Skirmish also features new custom-made maps/environments for players to battle over. More battle types such as capture the flag will be coming in the near future!


·        On-demand, risk free ship and avatar battles.

·        No national or career restrictions.

·        Many customizable battle options.

·        Up to 48 players in each battle, on two or four teams.

·        New maps/environments.


About Pirates of the Burning Sea
Developed by Flying Lab Software, and published under SOE’s Platform Publishing Label, Pirates of the Burning Sea® is an MMORPG of intense tactical ship combat and swashbuckling adventures on land and sea. In the Caribbean of 1720, Spanish, French, British and Pirate captains battle it out for glory and power. Every player is the captain of his or her own ship, engaging in both PvE and PvP game play that has the power to truly change the game world. More information, download instructions and Trial Keys for new players are available through the Pirates of the Burning Sea website. For more information please visit <> .
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