SimCity finally getting an offline mode

by: John -
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After a horrible launch and a multitude of problems, SimCity is finally getting something that many fans of been asking for. No, it's not bigger cities but the ability to play the game without an Internet connection.

A free update called Update 10 will be available to enable this feature. The cities stored in Single Player mode will be on your local machine so you can load it up at any time. You'll still be able to play online if you want to, but this feature is long overdue and one that I'm sure many folks will enjoy. To be honest, I never did see any benefit to playing online even when my friends were on early on as nothing really worked as intended and I was able to build and grow my city without anyone's help.

The question though is, is this enough and is it too late? I never have anyone on my Origins friends list playing SimCity even though many own it. In fact, it's probably been a good seven months since I've seen anyone play the game and I haven't loaded the game up in ages as well. I'm glad to see single player mode being in place, but we definitely need bigger cities and from what they were saying, it might be impossible to do with the current engine.

But, a nice result of having the ability to play offline is that mods are now going to be available for the game that can change the gameplay, something not possible with the online only option.

So, will single player mode be something that will get you back to playing the game?

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