Sides drawn in Naval War: Arctic Circle gameplay trailer

by: Travis -
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It's NATO versus Russia in the latest gameplay trailer for Naval War: Arctic Circle, an upcoming air and sea warfare strategy game from Paradox Interactive. In the trailer, gamers can catch a glimpse of the various units that they'll be able to control during battle. From fighter jets to aircraft carriers, there should be plenty of options for overcoming your adversary in battle.

With concerns over the world's supply of oil and increasing tensions between world powers, the global battle over scarce resources will take place through both aerial and naval warfare. The game will feature NATO and Russian campaigns, 35 million square kilometers of open sea and coastline, weather system with gameplay impacts, and real world units for use in battle. The visuals are not the most impressive, but I'm still interested in trying my luck at managing units in the narrative's unique premise.

Naval War: Arctic Circle will be available this spring for Windows PC.

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