Seth’s influence at Sony evident: Battle Royale character reveal vids

by: Jeremy -
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It didn’t take long for Seth Killian to begin showing his influence at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios. As you may have heard, the long time Capcom staffer recently jumped ship and is currently leading the charge on Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale project. Obviously, judging from his resume, Seth knows fighting games and it didn’t take long for Sony to start mimicking Capcom in terms of the manner in which it is hyping its upcoming brawler.

Sony was on hand at this weekend’s EVO Fighting Championship events in Las Vegas, Nevada and they brought with them a pair of reveal trailers for new additions to the game’s roster. The roster has grown to 10 confirmed players with the addition of Tekken alum Heihachi Mishima and long-time Sony of Japan mascot Toro Inoue. Both characters are shown in depth in the two reveal trailers below.

Who else do you see being added in the months building up to the game’s release?

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