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by: Sean Colleli -
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I really enjoyed Serious Sam DD when it came out on Steam a year ago, but the XBLA re-release, DD XXL, is looking even more insane. The updated port has a ton of new features, including 2-player co-op and upgrades for all of the weapons. Just imagine s machine pistol that lets you hover as long as you are firing and a shotgun that shoots clouds of angry bees and you'll get the idea. This dev diary goes into detail on what Mommy's Best Games has added to the XBLA release.

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The countdown begins for the return of Sam’s super (not-so) serious 2D self and just to whet your appetites, we're super-pumped to show you the first exclusive Serious Sam Double D XXL developer diary video from those clever folk at Mommy’s Best Games. Serious Sam Double D XXL- Gun Diary 1 is the first in a series of four videos where developer Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games highlights the awesome combos to be made with the GunStacker:

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We’ve got more of these ace snippets coming your way - it’s like insane sour cream on crazy ass nachos!

That's right, friends; Serious Sam DD XXL explodes onto Xbox LIVE ARCADE on FEBRUARY 20th.

New Levels. New Enemies. More Guns. Ride DINOSAURS. And all with the sweet, sweet tang of Local co-op to sweeten the deal. Here's the detail:

New Features
Two-Player Local Cooperative Play - Serious Sam can pair up with his new buddy Huff to slaughter Mental’s horde together in an orgy of violence and destruction!

Gunstacker Upgrades – Over 30 new guns to mix and match in towering stacks of awesome! Shotguns that fire a horde of bees, prism lasers, the return of Serious Sam’s trademark cannon and more! Exclamation point!

New Campaign and Challenge Missions – Tackle new missions and take to the air in your very own missile-loaded Pterosaur or roll through your foes on a dynamite-powered unicycle!

New and Upgraded Enemy Classes - The new Torcher Kitty, Explosion Eater and the Armored Gnaar are all stepping into the arena to wreak havoc the heroic Serious Sam!

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