September 18th is officially DIGIMON DAY

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Namco Bandai is bringing you not one or two, but three Digimon titles on September 18th. Digimon World Data Squad for the PS2, Digimon World Dawn for the DS and Digimon World Dusk also for the DS have all gone Gold and will hit store shelves on September 18th. I personally cannot keep all the Digimon titles straight, but for dedicated Digimon fans I think this means you can kiss your money and time goodbye. Check out the official site for everything Digimon.



Digimon Fans Rejoice – Development Completed for Digimon World® Data Squad™, Digimon World® Dawn and Digimon World® Dusk


SANTA CLARA, Calif., (August 13, 2007) – Leading video games developer and publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that development has been completed on Digimon World® Data Squad™ for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Digimon World® Dawn and Digimon World® Dusk for the Nintendo DS™. Featuring engrossing role-playing gameplay with hundreds of unique Digimon for players to collect, trade and evolve, these three games will be available in stores nationwide on September 18. For dedicated Digimon fans, the first printing of all three games will include a sheet of exclusive stickers, letting players enjoy their favorite digital monsters wherever they go.


In Digimon World Data Squad for the PlayStation 2 system, players can use and upgrade over 140 different Digimon in order to defeat the Seven Demon Kings and rescue a group of kidnapped children. With the all-new “Galactic Evolution System,” digivolving Digimon is easier and more intuitive than ever before. Featuring colorful cel-shaded graphics, a distinctive emotion command system that allows players to track their Digimon’s mood and full voice acting by the original cast of the upcoming Digimon Data Squad television series, Digimon World Data Squad is sure to provide fans and newcomers alike with hours of digital monster-battling entertainment.


Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk for the Nintendo DS are parallel games with different selections of Digimon for players to collect and use. Featuring an interweaving narrative, the storyline of the games is seen from the perspective of two rival groups as they seek to uncover the culprit behind a disaster that is causing Digimon around the world to devolve into digi-eggs. Gameplay in Dawn and Dusk is highlighted by a turn-based battle system in which players strategically position the game’s 400 Digimon for maximum combat efficiency. Through a local wireless connection or online via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, players can battle against others and make trades to obtain rare Digimon that can only be found in certain versions of the game.


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