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See what a difference Bass makes...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Mega Man 10
 As you already know, Bass is headed to Mega Man 10 on 4/5/10.  Capcom is tired of trying to simply explain how different the character plays compared to Mega and Proto Man.  This week, instead of trying to explain it to you, Capcom wants to show you.  Thanks to a trailer released by the Capcom Unity Blog, gamers can finally see how Bass will perform in the classic 8-bit environment.  
It looks to me like he is going to make the game a 1,000 times easier in terms of the difficulty.  Being able to shoot in any direction, plus the multi-shot, will really alter the difficulty of the game.  I know that I have hit many points in the game where I wished that I had the ability to shoot at an upward angle... now it looks like I will be able to within the next couple of weeks...
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