SciFi becomes SyFy

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The SciFi Channel (home of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Farscape and Firefly reruns) isn't known for their video game programming.  However, that is starting to change thanks to their recently debuted WCG Ultimate Gamer competition/reality show.  Well, it looks like that is not the only thing to change.  According to a recently issued press release, The SciFi Channel will be going by a new name starting in July.  That name?  SyFy.  Here's why:

"Syfy -- unlike the generic entertainment category “sci-fi” – firmly establishes a uniquely ownable trademark that is portable across all non-linear digital platforms and beyond, from Hulu to iTunes. Syfy also creates an umbrella brand name that can extend into new adjacent businesses under the Syfy Ventures banner, such as Syfy Games, Syfy Films and Syfy Kids."

Hopefully the new name will bring with it some good programming, especially with this being the last season of Battlestar Galactica.  WCG Ultimate Gamer is an interesting idea that, in my opinion, is poorly executed.  I like the idea of incorporating video games into TV shows, but there's something about this production that just feels like it's pandering for no reason.  It's a shame that SciFi SyFi won't do the things that people want, such as picking up shows like Firefly, Journeyman and Life On Mars after the networks cancel them.  Will this change your opinion of this rerun-happy channel?

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