Sanctum now available for Mac users

by: Travis -
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Sanctum has been available for Windows users for awhile, but now Coffee Stain Studios has announced that Mac users will now be able to play their first person shooter and tower-defense gameplay hybrid. The game is available as a Steam Play title that allows for owners to play the game on either Windows or Mac if purchased through Steam. For the announcement, Sanctum is on sale for $8.99 as a 10% reduction off its regular price.

Coffee Stain Studios CEO Anton Westbergh described the new availability as “Creating a Mac version is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier to now be able to bring our unique blend of hybrid gameplay to a brand new audience.” With the new version, the game's downloadable content has received restructuring that has resulted in three add-on packs available for free and the rest bundled together in the "Sanctum Map Pack 1."

Sanctum is available now for Windows and Mac through Steam.
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