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Here's a press release from Saitek about their partnership with AMD. I can't wait to see what the 64 bit platform brings to the table as Windows gets ready to release a 64-bit operating system.
Saitek announces development collaboration with AMD

Bristol, UK, 7 March, 2005 - Saitek, a leading brand in the game controller market,
today formally announced an alliance with AMD (NYSE: AMD) for the development
of Saitek PC game controllers to be compatible with the AMD Athlon 64 processor
family of products and all games developed for the 64-bit Windows environment.
Saitek has created new compatible drivers for its 2005 PC Games Controller range
to support this exciting new AMD64 technology. The collaboration involves driver
testing by AMD to enable Saitek to reach the ultimate goal of having a fully
compliant gaming range ready for the launch of Microsoft XP 64 operating system
later this year.

AMD Athlon 64 processors can process data in packets twice as large as those
of a 32-bit CPU, enabling the processor to execute code much faster and in more
depth for graphics, gaming, video creation and editing. The 64-bit processor
can also access far more system RAM than a 32-bit processor: For every additional
bit, the processor addresses twice as much RAM, so where a 32-bit processor can
address a total of 4GB of RAM, a 64-bit CPU can address up to 18 exabytes (EB)
of memory.

What does this mean for gamers? Games developed for AMD64 offer hugely expanded
AI, coupled with quick access to huge amounts of memory, making almost anything
possible. Games will have much more realistic-looking, cinematic 3D graphics
with objects that respond instantly and intuitively to the player's every move,
making them play like interactive movies.

"We consider the progression from 32- to 64-bit processing potentially as revolutionary
as the move from DOS-based operating systems to Windows. For gamers, 64-bit processing
will offer a much more immersive gaming experience and this hugely increased
level of detail and choice in games will make how the player interacts with them
even more important," said Adrian Bedggood, Saitek's Marketing Director. "We're
delighted to be working with AMD on expanding the compatibility of our game controllers
drivers and programming software to include 64-bit processing and are 100 per
cent committed to making our controllers the best way to interact with and control
these new gaming environments."

"AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon 64 FX processors are fast becoming the platform
of choice for the extreme gamer, and we believe in offering the most power possible
for an incredibly immersive gaming experience," said Daryl Sartain, director,
desktop marketing, Computation Products Group, AMD. "It is good to see Saitek
working cooperatively with us to make sure gamers have controllers that match
the level of game play possible on the AMD64 platform."
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