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Saitek's got a new keyboard out with some red backlighting. Titled the Eclipse Night-vision Red model, the keyboard's got a nice red glow and I'm sure someone's going to hack it to be more Sith like.
Saitek's Award-Winning Eclipse Design Now Available in Night-Vision Red; Saitek's Newest Eclipse Keyboard Features Laser-Etched Keys with Night Vision-Safe Red Backlighting That Allow Users to Play in the Dark

TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2005--Saitek Industries Ltd ( today announced its newest addition to the award-winning Eclipse line of "see-in-the-dark" backlit keyboards - the Saitek Eclipse Night-vision Red model. This keyboard is ideal for LAN centers, dorm rooms, air traffic control centers or any low-light situation where the night vision-safe red lighting is helpful. Designed to allow users to keep 100 percent focused on their task at hand in low-light settings, this newest Eclipse keyboard will be available directly from Saitek's Online Store ( and will be offered at $59 while supplies last.

Eclipse Keyboard - Backlit Keyboard with TruVu Keys

Inspired by the backlit Gamer's Keyboard introduced in late 2004, the Eclipse features a host of technology enhancements and redesigns that allow for keyboarding, not just in low-light conditions, but now in total darkness. Whereas the Gamer's Keyboard featured cool blue backlighting to aid gamers playing under low-light situations, the new Eclipse features TruVu keys that allow the night vision-sensitive red hue to glow through each laser-etched key - making it possible to read keys in the dark. The Eclipse is perfect for projector presentations where lights have been extinguished to favor the screen, programmers (who favor working in the dark), office environments where workers commonly extinguish the harsh overhead fluorescent lighting in favor of a more soothing, darker environment and restaurant hostess areas, where reservation taking has moved into the computer age. The Eclipse's value is clear to see in any low-light situation where accurate keyboard use is demanded. The key to this technology lies in the filtered and laser-etched keys that allow just the right amount of light to pass through the etched lettering - too much and it becomes a blur, not enough and it's inconsequential; the Eclipse finds the perfect balance for true viewability. In addition, this keyboard will include two levels of illumination to meet a variety of settings and lighting needs.


The original Eclipse, launched at CES 2005, was an instant hit with both gamers and members of the press alike. Not only has the Saitek Eclipse received numerous accolades, but it has also received an impressive share of industry awards. A tiny sampling of these include: Tom's Hardware Must Have Award (April 2005), the Gold Award from OC Wizard, the Extreme Excellence Award from, Editors Choice Award from Gaming Nexus and Editors Choice Award from Game Play Monthly - to name just a few.


The Eclipse keyboard will be available at local retailers and the Saitek online store at
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