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I gave Saints Row 3 a pass.  Why?  I don't really know because I really enjoyed the first two.  I just wasn't feelin' number 3 for whatever reason.

Perhaps that reason was that I never saw any gameplay footage that was anything like this, just released to the public, PAX East pre-alpha demo footage that shows off Saints Row IV's weaponized dubstep, presidential nut-punches, mechs, super-powers, and aliens.  It makes Saints Row IV look like an amalgam of all my favorite open world titles, and it's set to hit stores on August 20, nearly a full month before GTA V.  I'll be jonesing for some open-world action so hard by that point, I may have little choice but to check out Saints Row IV.  

Watch the trailer and tell me you don't feel the same way.

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Today Deep Silver and Volition released an in-game walkthrough from the pre-alpha version of Saints Row IV based on the demo shown during the latest PAX East.

Senior Producer Jim Boone from Volition will lead you through the urban chaos of virtual Steelport. In the upcoming Saints Row IV for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, not only will you greet your citizens as President of the USA with friendly... punches, but you'll also have some mind-boggling weapons will also be at your disposal. Make your people dance to the funky beats of your Dubstep Gun and literally kill them with music! Weapons now not only can be upgraded; this time you will be also able to change their looks.

In Saints Row IV you will encounter enemies that are certainly...out of this world! Blast them to pieces... either with your super Mech... or your superpowers!
The video walkthrough can be downloaded from here: [download link] or watched here: [YouTube]. 

Saints Row IV launches August 20th, 2013 across North and Latin America and August 23rd worldwide. 

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About Saints Row IV
In Saints Row IV, the head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are just getting started. Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying. Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet. 
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