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So I got burned by that April Fools Day gag involving EA and BioWare "announcing" Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3.  I was burned by it because I heard about it days later on the least fact-checked podcast ever.  

I promise you that none of that residual bitterness will drip onto this news about Star Wars: The Old Republic and the release of its new update 2.7, called Invasion.

In list form, because if Buzzfeed is to be believed, list-form is the only form news can take, here is what you'll get in the Invasion update:

1. New level 55 story called Forged Alliances in which two new Flashpoints reside.

2. Galactic Starfighter's Battle Zone - Denon Exosphere

3. Nightmare Mode Operation.  You'll revisit the Dread Fortress and its five bosses complete with the new Nightmare Power and a new loot tier.

4. Huttball on Quesh with a new vertical layout.

To learn more, follow the jump.  

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™
Game Update 2.7: Invasion Now Live!

Defend the Jedi and Sith home worlds in new Level 55 Flashpoints, compete in the new Quesh Huttball Warzone and fight for control of the new Galactic Starfighter Battle Zone Denon in Game Update 2.7: Invasion,now live in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We’ve included additional details on Game Update 2.7: Invasionbelow:

Embark on an exciting new Level 55 story arc “Forged Alliances,” kicking off one of the longest, most epic tales we’ve ever told! Jump into two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban where the galactic conflict between the Empire and the Republic takes center stage

Compete in the new Huttball PvP Warzone on Quesh where its vertical layout means you and your team will need to work together to climb up structures instead of across a field to score points.

Battle for control of Denon in the new Galactic Starfighter’s Battle Zone, Denon Exosphere. Dodge enormous capital ships and fend off enemy attacks in visceral Star Wars™ 12v12 space dogfights.

Fight your way through Nightmare Mode Operation: The Dread Fortress and face the five bosses, now more dreadful than ever, including a new feature “Nightmare Power”, as well a new tier of gear rewards.

Check out the following links for more details:
Game Update 2.7: Invasion Page: www.swtor.com/gameupdates/invasion
Game Update 2.7: Invasion Community Blog: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20140408

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