SSFIITHDR gets a facelift, delay, and won't be gimped on the 360

by: John -
More On: Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix
Capcom has the latest update on the Super Street Figther II Turbo HD Remix out and in it they show the updated art being used. Seems the original art direction was a little more complicated and would've really delayed the game but the details now have been toned down a little and are now starting from scratch with the character art. Good news is more new features will be added and more tests can be run to really deliver a top notch remix. I just hope they get the network code right so we can have a lag-free and hassle-free online fighting game. Also, file size restrictions won't be a problem for the 360 version so those deciding between the two will know they will get the same experience on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Now I have to decide do I want to use my great TankStick to play the game on the PS3 or suffer through the bad D-Pad of the Xbox 360 yet have more friends to play with.

Thanks Kotaku.
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