SSF4 prepping for new challengers?

by: Jeremy -
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Could Capcom have some surprises up its sleeve(s) with the arcade verion of Super Street Fighter IV? The arcade version of the console hit is currently making the testing rounds in Japan The game is going to support the Nesys card feature, which allows Japanese gamers to save their progress on the machine(s) by inserting something similar to a memory card.

Capcom is currently circulating a “brochure” of sorts that advertises the game’s improvements and Nesys features. There is a section of the advertisement (shown below) that is stirring up some discussion around the gaming world. If you will look in the center of the image, at the bottom, the words “Welcomes New Challengers?!”. What could this mean?

This statement could be read one of two ways. It either represents the “new” characters to this version of the game (Dudley, T. Hark, etc.) or perhaps, as many are hoping, Capcom is looking to add even more characters to the game’s already impressive roster. If there are additional characters coming to the arcade version of the game, how long before we start bugging Capcom for information on them being added as DLC to the console versions...

Who else would you like to see added to the roster? I could go for a return of R. Mika, personally...

Source: Siliconera

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