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Capcom has released a new trailer for their upcoming "update" to last year's fighting game of the year (according to many publications) Street Fighter IV.  Many people were worried that Super Street Fighter IV would be nothing more than a new character or two; Capcom is determined to redefine what an upgrade to a fighting game should be with at least 6 new characters being added to the roster (and more rumored), complete re-balancing of the fighting system, the return of bonus rounds, and new super moves for existing characters.  The new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV shows off many new features that we didn't know about prior to this week including new costumes, new rivalries, and glimpses at all new ultra combos.  Take a peek at the trailer below and follow the jump to see a summary of everything we know about the game thus far:

I won't waste your time with rambling dialogue delving into my personal opinion(s) on what Capcom has in store for SSFIV, because I could rant on it all day; instead here is a bullet list of everything that we are going to see added into the new version of the game:
  • Five (5) confirmed returning characters from previous Street FIghter games added to the playable roster, including: T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon, Cody, and Guy
  • One (1) completely new and original character: Juri, a Korean Taekwondo expert
  • Complete re-balancing of the fighting and damage system / mechanics to account for new characters and new moves
  • New Ultra combos added for all characters; each character now has 2 different ultra combos which can be executed with a charged Revenge gauge; players will choose one before the start of each fight similar to the Street Fighter 3 games
  • Team battle mode: 8 players battling as 4-player teams, alternating upon defeat
  • Replay Channe model: gamers can view and rate saved battle videos from gamers around the world
  • Endless Battle mode: groupings of gamers where the winner stays on for the next match and the loser goes to the back of the line
  • Bonus rounds: both the car and barrel bonus rounds from the earlier Street Fighter games will return
  • New Tournament mode available through DLC, details yet to be released
  • New costumes for all characters, including the inclusion of the previous DLC costumes and new outfits including Mecha Zangief and Shadaloo Cammy
  • New rival battles to incorporate all character additions to the game
  • It is RUMORED that there will be 4 more characters added to the roster, including the returning Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto as well as an additional all new, original character; this information is purely speculation

The game is rumored to be launching this April, possibly on 4/6/10... where do I sign up?
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