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Starting over the last week and culminating on Feb 8th, the Rock Band Network will have had over 50 tracks added to it, including 46 for the Xbox 360 and five for the PS3. Some interesting titles in there including a couple that require 2x Bass pedals and tracks by Evanescence, MC Fontalot and Jonathan Coulton. Here's the track names:

Xbox 360 tracks
Kid Liberty – “Coolguy Deluxe!”
No Bragging Rights – “Ode to Logan”
The Night Life – “Holiday”
Amberian Dawn – “My Wings Are My Eyes”
After the Burial – “Aspiration”
Devin Townsend – “ZTO”
Devin Townsend – “ZTO (2x Bass Pedal)”
Emery – “Butcher’s Mouth”
Lnk. Ken Kardashian – “The December Experience”
BulletProof Messenger – “Arm Yourself”
Chaotrope – “Pandemonium”
Chaotrope – “Betrayed”
New West – “Bend”
These Three Poisons – “Light Up The Eyes”
Akira the Don – “Steven Wells (He Was the Greatest)”
Zakk Tremblay – “Plátanos Con Sangre”
The Moth Complex – “You Don’t Know”
Lettuce – “Last Suppit”
Cauldron – “All or Nothing”
Admiral of Black – “Bitten by the Rattlesnake”
Sideburn – “Live To Rock”
Big Light – “Triceratops”
Common Anomaly – “Hate To Say”
With Life in Mind – “King of Frauds”
Felsen – “Radios Tweaking”
Felsen – “Two Utensils in One”
Arena – “Volver a Nacer”
Rockapella – “Bang”
Xbox 360 Tracks Ctd.
Kataklysm – “At the Edge of the World (2x Bass Pedal)”
Lucid Grey – “Barricades”
Robby Suavé – “Around the World”
Kylie D. Hart – “Firehouse Bar”
Sam Morrison Band – “I Gotta Ride 2010″
Rotary Downs – “Bullet on a String”
Rotary Downs – “Promised Land”
Studebakerbrown – “Couch Sitting Rattlesnake”
MC Frontalot – “Hassle: The Dorkening”
MC Frontalot – “Bizarro Genius Baby”
Alternative Deficit Disorder – “Pylo the Pylon”
Soulive – “Too Much”
Cloudscape – “Mind Diary”
Bluefusion – “Fighting Spirit”
Kutless – “Strong Tower”
Abraham Nixon – “Secondary Gain”
Jacob Chaney – “Cluster #2 (RB2 Version)
Jonathan Coulton – “Big Bad World One”
Bright Midnight – “For the Strange”

PS3 Tracks (Feb 8th)
Amberian Dawn – “Kokko - Eagle of Fire”
Terrorhorse - “Modern Mathematics”
Marillion – “Whatever Is Wrong With You”
Longwave – “No Direction”
Evanescence – “Going Under”
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