Robbie Bach and J Allard are leaving Microsoft

by: John -
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Two big heavyweights for Microsoft are leaving the company. First up, J Allard, who was instrumental with the launching of the Xbox 360 and Zune HD, will be moving on. There's been rumors with the cancellation of the Courier project that that was the last straw for J Allard. I'm one of those that was really looking forward to seeing Courier to fruition and as sad to hear Microsoft shelving that project. Allard has denied that he's leaving because of the Courier situation though.

Robbie Bach is the other person leaving Microsoft and the e-mail that Steve Ballmer wrote says he's retiring. Robbie's been there a while and he was President of MIcrosoft's Entertainment and Devices division.  Robbie was also in charge of Office in the 90s and has been with the company since 1988.

The two are pretty big changes and I'm curious as to the timing of the departures. We'll see in the coming months what effect this will have and how the company proceeds. Good luck to Mr. Allard and Mr. Bach on whatever they decide to do next.

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