Ridge Racer Unbounded slips further into 2012

by: Jeremy -
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In order to “give the development team some additional time to pack the disc with features that will truly make the game sing”, Namco Bandai has elected to delay all versions of Ridge Racer Unbounded until later this year. The game was originally slated to ship this month but it is now officially listed as “later in 2012“.

Namco intends on announcing a new release date soon, as well as releasing information about new pre-order incentives and the additional content being added to the game. It still makes you wonder how and why a game can be delayed this close to its launch; conspiracy theories are sure to rise up and surround this game now since it was yanked from the proverbial jaws of release.

As a huge fan of the Ridge Racer series, I am still looking forward to seeing how this turns out. The approach being taken to Unbounded, while not exactly original, is interesting in terms of the series’ direction and some of the elements being introduced (track creation) could potentially set a new standard for high-octane, destruction racers in the future.

We will be sure to let you know the updated release dater for the game as soon as it is announced. 

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