Respawn Entertainment is ex Infinity Ward heads' new company, partnering with EA

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Well, I guess the VIncent Zampella and Jason West, formerly of Infinity Ward, are going back to their roots as they have started Respawn Entertainment and are partnering with Electronic Arts. In this interview with the LA Times, they talk about their new company and their current fight with Activision.

Right now, they are in a legal battle over $6 million that the pair think they deserve from their former employers They are calling their company a total reset and they should have their new title in two or three years. It's funny the two should head back to where they started with 2015 and Medal of Honor being their first title.  If the two come out with another FPS wargame, that would give EA some pretty hefty ammo in that genre with DICE, Medal of Honor coming out, and what Respawn Entertainment has to offer if the two's first title should be that. I wouldn't mind if Respawn went with a brand new genre though but we'll see what they have up their sleeves. E3 might just be a little too early to talk about what they have planned though and I'm guessing next year is when the info should start flowing on their latest project.
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