Remember Me ebook, The Pandora Archive is now available

by: Nathaniel -
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We here at Gaming Nexus pretty much loved Remember Me.  I called it "gorgeously conceived and realized," while Jeremy called it "interesting and unique."  I haven't played a more underrated title in a very long time.  At the very least, you should get out there and rent it while renting videogames is still a thing.

If you're like me and actually both played the game and loved it, then today's release of the eBook called Remember Me: The Pandora Archive should come as welcome or even downright exciting news.  British playwright and author Scott Harrison (The Horus Engine, Tales of the Iron War) has authored the tale set before the events of the game.   After a series of bomb blasts rock Neo-Paris, a former memory hunter named Trix is blamed and S.A.B.R.E force is sent into Slum 404 to root her out, but before they can arrest her, she sends a coded message back to the Errorists and Remember Me's Nilin is tasked with decoding it - a quest that leads her to the mysterious tech expert known only as the Architect.

You can download Remember Me: The Pandora Archive right now in Europe and North America from Kindle, Kobo, and Google Play (among others).  And if you haven't yet, I highly recommend that you find a way to give Remember Me a fair shot at winning you over.  It's available right now for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
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