[Remember Me] Can your remix skills match Nilin's?

by: Nathaniel -
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If you've played Remember Me, chances are you greatly enjoyed the "memory remix" segment.  They were interesting lessons in cause and effect and they were also original, visually interesting, and fun.  Well now is your chance to show off your remixing skills.  Unfortunately, it won't be memories you're remixing, 'cause that business isn't possible yet, but rather music.  
Go to remembermemix.com and download the track "Fragments" and all of its stems, then remix them until your heart is content, or at least until you've created a mix so breathtaking, you'll blow the lid off the whole Internet.  

The two winners receive their track on a custom vinyl LP in a sleeve featuring original artwork from Dontond's Art Director, Aleksi Briclot, a copy of the game and your choice of videogame consoles (it doesn't say what your choices are, however).

You can find full details and rules at remembermemix.com.  The contest began on July 1 and will run until July 31.
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