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W00T! That's all I have to say about the releases this week. This week we have:

Burnout:Revenge - PS2, Xbox
Burnout:Legends - PSP
Evil Dead Regeneration - PS2, Xbox
The Sims: Nightlife - PC
Armored Core: Nine Breaker - PS2
Urban Reign - PS2
Everquest II - Wings of Victory - PC
Everquest - Depths of Darkhollow - PC
Dynasty Warriors 5 - Xbox
Tecmo Classic Arcade - Xbox
MediEvil Resurrection - PSP

This week it's all about Burnout:Revenge. After wearing out my demo disc of the game it's going to be nice to finally check out some of the other cool modes in the game as check out some of the other tracks. The new Sims expansion looks like a winner as well. I'm going to stay far, far away from the Evil Dead game as I spent a lot of time with it at E3 and it failed to impress me at all.
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