Redbox Instant coming to Xbox 360

by: Nathan -
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Soon, gamers everywhere will have a new app that will allow them to watch movies instantly on their Xbox. Redbox Instant is coming to the Xbox 360 very soon and if you are already in the Redbox Instant beta you will be receiving an email with a unique code to access the service in the coming days.

Launching on Xbox 360 first and on other consoles and services later, Redbox Instant offers subscribers access to a catalog of movies for unlimited streaming access at $8 a month for DVD's and $9 a month for Blu Rays. Speaking of DVD's and Blu Rays the service also gives you four DVD or Blu Ray credits a month depending on the service you are subscribed to 
which can be used at any Redbox kiosk.
I am currently in the Redbox Instant beta and ill just say they have A LOT of work to do to catch up to Netflix. The four free DVD or Blu Ray rentals a month is nice but the current movie selection is terrible to say the least. 
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