Real Gaming News: US Supreme Court will determine if California can regulate gaming industry

by: Ben Berry -
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In a crack down on things that would cause children to see violent things, California has created a law that makes it illegal to sell violent games to minors, requires strict game labeling, with each violation costing the company in question $1,000 per. Of course, the law hasn't taken effect yet as it was challenged in court by the Video Software Dealers Association. 

After the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the violates minors constitutional rights, it was appealed to the high court, which agreed to hear the case. The court recently sided in favor of other free speech rulings, including allowing the possession of videos showing cruelty to animals. 

Personally, I think if California doesn't want to expose children to violence, they should move all kids under 18 away from the greater Los Angeles area. Perhaps the Octomom has room for a few more? 

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