Razer's Game Booster Software now lets you save your game data in the cloud

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Steam allows you, on some games, to have your game saves in the cloud to be retrieved on other computers or if you decide to rebuild your computer. What if the game doesn't have that feature? Well, Razer's coming in to the rescue.

Their new Razer Game Booster now automatically puts your save game data and settings in the cloud. This should give peace of mind to those that want a backup of their progress somewhere safe. 

Currently, it supports about 2000 titles and titles will be added in as time goes on. If the game you play isn't there, you have the option of adding it yourself as well, which is nice.

Another great thing about this is that it's free. So, if you're not a Steam user and want to have your saved games backed up in the cloud, here's a great option from Razer.

You can download from Razer's website to get started.


Never Lose Game Data Again with Razer’s Save Game Manager

For Release Feb. 27, 2014:


CARLSBAD, Calif. – Razer™, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced a new feature for Razer Game Booster that automatically saves game data and settings to the cloud for thousands of titles.


In its beta version, Razer Game Booster’s Save Game Manager will back up a user’s game progress to Dropbox. Other cloud storage services will be enabled in the program’s full release.


Save Game Manager is compatible for games with local save files and it supports fully automated backup services for more than 2,000 titles. The list of supported games can be continuously updated by Razer’s software engineering team as new titles are released and users may manually add games, ensuring that every supported game works with the Save Game Manager.


“We continually work to enhance the gaming experience for our Community,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “There are few things that take the fun out of gaming more than lost game progress or disappearing settings. It is our hope to rid the world of such frustrations and help make sure that losing game info never happens again.”


About Razer Game Booster: Razer’s free Game Booster software is a simple to use game launcher with performance enhancing utilities, saved game backup and screen capture tools.


Game Booster: Boost your game and PC lifespan while keeping it in top shape.

  •          Maximizes your system performance to give you higher frames per second, by automatically shutting off unnecessary processes and applications when you’re gaming, and resuming them when you’re done
  •          Configures and optimizes your PC’s settings for peak gaming performance
  •          Keeps your components up-to-date with the latest drivers, so you always get the best out of your system
  •          Defrags your disks, prioritizing your game folders for faster loading and enhanced system efficiency for even smoother gameplay

Save Game Manager: Never worry about losing a save game again.

  •          Automatically backs up save game files onto your favorite cloud storage services whenever your progress is saved. After all, lost save games don’t respawn!
  •          Keeps your game settings in the cloud, so you won’t have to memorize resolutions, anti-aliasing multipliers or anisotropic filtering definitions anymore
  •          Syncs as many save game files as you want for safekeeping, free of charge

Game Launcher: Experience enhanced PC gaming.

  •          Catalogs and presents your entire library of games in a robust command center for easy access
  •          Scans your PC to find your existing games, keeping your collection up-to-date without you lifting a finger

Screen Capture Gallery: Immortalize your best gaming moments.

  •          Captures your epic moments in HD with a customizable hot key
  •          Records videos of any length without unwanted watermarks
  •          Shares your game walkthroughs and winning streaks in just a few clicks, so you can show off to everyone on Facebook and YouTube
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