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I have been saying for quite some time that the next advancement in gaming won’t be a visual one, but an audio one. Surround sound is the way of the future and it has been changing games for a little while now; the problem is that not everyone has been able to experience its benefits due to it requiring some pseudo-expensive hardware (headphones). That all changes now, and the first company out of the gate to show off this new technology publicly is none other than Razer.

Today Razer released to the world their new software technology that they are calling Razer Surround. This is a state-of-the-art audio engine that provides virtual 7.1 surround sound to any and all headphones capable of receiving a basic, stereo signal. This won’t perfectly mimic a true surround setup, but it is damn close! The Surround option has been fully integrated into the Razer Synapse 2.0 application, which many gamers likely use if they already own one or more Razer products.

The software is being offered as a free download for the time being through Razer’s official website with the option to donate a small amount of money to the Child’s Play Charity when you download. After December 2013, the software will be priced at $19.99. Once installed, gamers can calibrate the surround settings to their own personal preferences, all of which are stored in the cloud and accessible wherever you game. You can read the full details on this amazing software in the official press release on the next page.


In appreciation of its fan base and support of Child’s Play charity, Razer Surround audio engine will be available free-of-charge and with charity contribution option through 2013

For Immediate Release
CARLSBAD, Calif. – June 25 2013 – Razer™, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, today announced the latest member of its software family: Razer Surround.

Razer Surround is a state-of-the-art audio engine that provides 7.1 virtual surround sound with any stereo headphones. The current generation of virtual surround technology often provides inaccurate listening experiences because individuals perceive sound differently based on their distinct ear sizes and shapes. As such, virtual surround sound traditionally falls short compared to discrete surround sound setups.
With the patent-pending Razer Surround audio engine, users have the option to calibrate their personal surround sound settings through a series of listening tests to match their preferences, giving them far superior positional sound over traditional virtual solutions. Razer Surround gives gamers a truly individualized 7.1 surround sound and attuned 3D audio experience, allowing them to acoustically pinpoint exact locations of opponents in game, providing “the unfair advantage” in gameplay.
Razer Surround is available as a complementary software add-on, integrated within Razer’s Synapse 2.0 application, offering virtual 7.1 surround sound and storing individual audio signatures in the cloud. These settings can be accessed anytime and will automatically update new systems to previous calibrated settings.
In recognition of the support that the gaming community gives Razer, and in solidarity with its trade partners in gaming, Razer has waived the US$19.99 price for Razer Surround through December 2013, so that people who sign-up during this period will get a free copy of the program. During this timeframe, users will also have the option to make a donation of any amount to Child’s Play (www.childsplaycharity.org) after their download start.  Everyone signing-up from Jan. 1, 2014, onward, will pay the full price of $19.99.
While the donations to Child’s Play are purely voluntary and users can choose to download Razer Surround for free, Razer hopes that through this initiative users can together with Razer help children in hospitals around the world enjoy games like we do.
Child’s Play’s stated mission is “… to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play.” As of the date of this release, the philanthropy had raised more than US$5 million in contributions.
“With the individual calibration of Razer Surround, we’re setting a new standard in 7.1 virtual surround sound,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “We’re a big believer of giving back to our fans and the gaming community, and making Razer Surround available free with a donation to Child’s Play in 2013 is a testament of our commitment to giving back to current and future gamers of the world.”

About Razer Surround

Razer Surround gives gamers an enhanced virtual 7.1 channel surround sound experience with any stereo headphones.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the surround sound algorithms powering Razer Surround creates an unbelievably accurate surround sound environment and allows gamers to calibrate positional sound to match their own unique preferences. This level of calibration allows Razer Surround to provide an incredible level of precision in-game, allowing gamers to have the unfair advantage.

·         Calibrate to your individual preferences
·         Pre-configured calibrations for all Razer Audio products
·         Bass boost – For a thundering bass
·         Sound normalization – Reduce loudness variation
·         Voice clarity – For crystal clear incoming voice communication
·         Voice level – Adjust the level of incoming voice communication
·         Custom & 11 pre-set equalizer settings
·         Works with any stereo headset/headphones
Operating Systems Support:
·         Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
·         Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate
·         Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate

System Requirements:
·         100 MB of free hard disc space
·         Razer Synapse 2.0 registration (requiring a valid e-mail), software download, license acceptance, and internet connection needed to activate full features of product and for software updates. After activation, full features are available in optional offline mode.
Worldwide – Available Now
Signup in 2013 – Free
Signup 1 Jan. 2014 and later – 19.99 USD
For more information about the Razer Surround, please visit www.razerzone.com/surround.
About the Razer Group:
Razer™ is the world leader in high performance gaming hardware. Founded in 1998, with its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, the company has offices in nine cities around the globe.  Used by the most demanding professional gamers who compete in global tournaments, Razer provides gamers with the unfair advantage of cutting-edge technology and award-winning design. We live by our motto: For Gamers. By Gamers.™
For more information, please visit http://www.razerzone.com/.
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