Rapid Reaction: Polk Audio and Microsoft joining forces

by: Dan -
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When I first saw the news this afternoon indicating that Polk Audio and Microsoft have reached an agreement to produce Polk Audio/Xbox 360 marketed audio gear, the thought that ran through my head was “About Time!”  I really like this partnership, as the line between gaming system and home theater keeps overlapping a little bit more every year, so it makes sense for industry leaders like Polk Audio and Microsoft to reach out and partner up to try and establish a baseline of high-end audio for gaming and entertainment needs.
Here at GamingNexus, we have been exploring this cross-over of A/V gear and gaming for some time, and most recently dedicated an entire weekly column to it with our Pixels & Bits series.  We have had a relationship with Polk Audio for several years now and have had the opportunity to review many of their products with an eye as to how they perform in the gaming world.  Some recent reviews include the CHT 500 SurroundBar Component Home Theater, the SurroundBar 6000 IHT and the Polk Audio HitMaster Gaming Studio Monitor.   We are also proud that we were the first web site (gaming or otherwise) to review the original Polk Audio Instant Home Theater, which is the product that today’s Polk/Microsoft announcement (IHT 5000) was founded upon.
I see today’s announcement as a smart and logical step for Microsoft and the Xbox 360, as Sony has their own in-house products to draw upon if Sony chooses to do some cross-promotion with their PlayStation console and A/V gear.  However, with the next generation of consoles rumored to be around the corner, this Polk Audio and Microsoft partnership should allow both companies to hit the ground running at launch with high-end audio solutions that are befitting what we anticipate to be the most advanced gaming consoles to date.  Whether this continues along Polk Audio’s home theater SurroundBar lineup, or gets into Polk’s recently released headphone products, we won’t know until more details of the agreement are released and product lineups are established.  Either way, I like where this is going and as the economy recovers and new consoles are launched, Polk Audio and Microsoft look to be at the forefront of producing quality audio solutions for your gaming needs.

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