RUMOR: THQ to announce 170 people will be let go

by: John -
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THQ's going through some tough times and recently, they've been threatened to be delisted from the NASDAQ since their stock price is below $1 for 30+ days. Now, another depressing bit of news could be coming forth.

Kevin Dent, head of IDGA mobile special interest group, has said he's known for a week that THQ's going to let go more than 170 people. He was the one who originally said THQ has cancelled all games in 2014.

One of the things I never like to write about in this industry is layoffs as I've made many friends along the way so seeing something like this, it does affect me a little more on a personal level. Plus, I've been through several of them myself and its definitely not a thing you want to go through.

We'll have to wait for the official word, but if this is indeed true, my thoughts go out for those that will be affected and I hope they find some place soon to go to.

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