RUMOR: Next PSP announced at E3, launching in the Fall

by: John -
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Many sites are reporting about news on the next iteration of the PSP. 1Up is one of those sites as they discuss what you can expect when the announcement is suppose to be made at E3. Don't expect a number as Sony's looking to go with a subtitle instead of say PSP 2. Might I suggest PSP AWESOME SUPER MUST OWN NOW. Without UMD support, Sony's suppose to have over 100 classic and new PSP titles ready for download. If so that would be pretty cool but I wonder about those that already have UMD versions of the games. I'd hate to have to double dip if I wanted to upgrade to the new PSP but still be able to play my old games. It also looks like there's no second analog stick and that the controls will remain consistent with the PSP, something I'm sure Chuck is disappointed in if it is indeed true. Chuck will be at the press conference in June so I'm sure if it is indeed announce he'll have pics or a Twitter as soon as it shows up on the big screen.
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