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Did you ever think your hours of practice on Rock Band would ever get you an actual live appearance performance? If you didn’t – think again.

Starting tomorrow you can submit a band profile on Facebook’s Energizer Rock Band “Advance Into Overdirve” application for a chance to win a contest to perform at the MTV store in Times Square. From then until November 3rd is a race to see who gets the most fans and traffic, and creates the most interesting and interactive page. If you get selected, you will perform live at the event on November 13th (Friday the 13th). You’ll also be receiving all the VIP treatment that should be expected with winning the-most-badass-Rock-Bander title: luxury transportation, hotel suite, and dinner at a NYC restaurant.

In a tribute to the Energizer Advanced Lithium batteries, you’ll have to last as long as the batteries and perform for 20 straight hours. Better hope all that at-home gaming can be put to some good, lasting use. Your friends and family at home can check you out live on the site. Make a visit now for some more details on the contest.

This contest marks the start of the series of the Battle of the Bands competitions that are to come. The Battle of the Bands is a competitive gameplay option in Rock Band that allows gamers to challenge each other in themed battles. The first battle, “Advance Into Overdrive” is the first of said battles, and starts on November 16th. The battle is partitioned into three stages: Tune-Up (16th), Power Through (18th), and Advance Rock (20th).

The winner of the battle will get a prize of Rock Band DLC of over 800 songs as well as a year’s supply of batteries and an Energizer Rock Band prize packed with a bunch of cool items and swag. If you don’t go home with the first prize, the top-five winners will also be receiving some goodies. The prizes don’t end there, however, as all participating players who complete any level will be entered in a sweepstakes to win The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle, the Ion Drum Rocker, DLC, and more.
Energizer Powers Search for America’s Most Advanced “Rock Band™”

Band to Perform for 20 Straight Hours in Times Square (NYC); Receive Rock-Star Treatment

St. Louis (Oct. 14, 2009) – With its cross-generation appeal, Rock Band™ has given consumers of all ages a new way to interact with and perform the music they love. And on Nov. 3, one lucky Rock Band band will show their new found skills, performing live in New York City. The winning band will rock out for 20 straight hours at the Energizer “Advance Into Overdrive” event at the MTV store in Times Square.

Beginning Oct. 15, Rock Band bands can visit to learn about the contest and create a band profile within the challenge Facebook Application (Energizer Rock Band “Advance Into Overdrive”). Groups will have until November 3 to populate their page and gain fans. Once the entry period ends, the band with the most creative, interactive, entertaining, and fan driven page, will get the chance to perform live at the Energizer “Advance Into Overdrive” event on Friday, Nov. 13.

Not only will the winning band get the chance to perform at the MTV store in Times Square, they will receive rock-star treatment throughout their visit including luxury ground transportation, a hotel suite, and dinner at one of New York’s hottest restaurants. Fans will be able to catapult the winning band into internet stardom as all of the action will be streamed live throughout the 20 hour performance on

The band will perform for 20 straight hours, signifying the 20 additional hours* of continuous playing time provided by using Energizer® Advanced Lithium batteries instead of Energizer® MAX® standard alkaline in their gaming accessories. In addition to offering long-lasting power, Energizer® Advanced Lithium has a shelf life of 10 years and weighs 33 percent less than an ordinary alkaline battery. The entire 20-hour performance will be streamed live at

“Gamers rely on Energizer® Advanced Lithium batteries to provide more power for their high-tech gaming devices including their guitars, drum sets and microphones,” said Jim Olsen, Vice President of Marketing, North America for Energizer. “That’s why it made perfect sense to become the official battery of Rock Band and partner with them to help power one group’s dream of living the rock-star lifestyle.”

“Advanced Into Overdrive” Battle

The Times Square performance signals the start of the Energizer “Advance Into Overdrive” Battle of the Bands series. The Battle of the Bands is an in-game feature that allows the Rock Band community to play against one another remotely in themed battles. The “Advance Into Overdrive” Battle marks the first Battle of the Bands series and the longest online Battle of the Bands in Rock Band history. Players from across the country will compete against each other on the longest songs in the Rock Band catalogue to see who, at the end of the day, is the most Advanced Rock Band star.

“We are excited to partner with Energizer® Advanced Lithium because these batteries are proven to provide uninterrupted game play which is what Rock Band fans demand,” said Christina Glorioso, VP of Marketing Partnerships for Rock Band. “Since the ‘Advance into Overdrive’ Battle is the longest online Battle of the Bands in the history of Rock Band, players will need a long-lasting battery to help power their scores.”

Starting Nov. 16, in the Battle of the Bands’ section of Rock Band 2, users will see the Energizer “Advance Into Overdrive” Battle, which will be divided into three stages (battles) by difficulty level: Battle One: Tune-Up (Nov. 16), Battle Two: Power Through (Nov. 18), Battle Three: Advance Rock (Nov. 20). All battles will be available for multiplayer bands and single players, where solo players and bands alike can compete for prizing.

The top scoring band and most Advanced rock stars of the series will receive the entire Rock Band DLC catalogue of over 800 songs and a year’s worth of batteries to power their game play, as well as an Energizer Rock Band prize pack including an Energizer branded, one-of-a-kind guitar cap for your Rock Band guitar, Rock Band t-shirt and other cool swag items. The top-five scorers from the series will also receive DLC tracks as well as the Energizer Rock Band prize pack.

Upon entry and completion of any level, players will be entered into the Energizer Rock Band “Advance Into Overdrive” Battle Sweepstakes, which includes prizes like The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle, the Ion Drum Rocker, DLC tracks and much more.

* Results vary by play and/or usage patterns.
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