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by: Dan -
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As a huge fan of both Gears of War and American Chopper, I was wondering when the episode(s) where Paul Jr. Designs builds a Gears of War 3 trike would air. Originally unveiled July 21st at the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego during the 2011 Comic-con, the bike build will be shown over the next two episodes of American Chopper: Junior vs. Senior on Discovery Channel. Here are the episode dates and details:

Sept. 12, 2011
PJD works on a build for Gears of War 3, while the OCC crew builds a bike for Feather Free Zone. Meanwhile, with the OCC headquarters in foreclosure, Senior considers building a new shop at the front of his property or moving to the old OCC.

Sept. 19, 2011
OCC starts a build for WyoTech, a school for budding mechanics, while PJD continues work on their Gears of War 3 trike. Then, WyoTech students visit OCC to help out, while the understaffed PJD crew wonders how to find talented mechanics.

If you want to see more some images of the bike, head over to the Epic Games community site. Otherwise, here is some footage of the unveil posted on YouTube by user Evilsanta87.

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