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Good news, everyone! Cellar Door Games will finally release Rogue Legacy, their much-anticipated Rogue-"Lite" RPG on 6/27/13- This Thursday. Better news: You can pre-order the game for $10.00 ($5 off the full price), and get the sound track as an added bonus! However, the pre-order ends tonight at midnight, so if you're inclined to get this fantastic sidescrolling adventure, get it now. Oh, and the best news- you can download the demo for free at their website.

If you want to see my impression of the demo, see the next page.


Cellar Door Games calls Rogue Legacy a Rogue-"Lite" game, meaning that you will traverse randomly-generated dungeons crawling with monsters, gold and magic equipment. But unlike other Rogue-Like games, when you die you don't start over from square one- you get to pass on your gold, weapons and armor to your offspring, living vicariously through them as they hack and slash their way through the castle, only to die and pass on their possessions like their fathers and mothers before them. Make no mistake, you will die. A lot. but therein lies your family's power; after dying you can change your class, upgrade your stats and purchase new equipment.

After dying, you choose which of your three heirs will explore the castle next. You spend your parent's hard-earned gold on upgrades and enter the castle, only to find that the layout has completely changed. There are four base classes to choose from (although they won't always be available when you choose your heir); Knights, Barbarians, Mages, and Knaves. And your heirs may or may not have a set of traits assigned to them- you might play a colorblind Knight; a gay, dyslexic Mage; a Barbarian with Tourettes and I.B.S; or anything in between. These traits have varying effects on gameplay, and considering you'll be regularly switching characters in a constantly changing dungeon, the game has a long shelf life, especially for $15.00 ($10 if you can make the preorder).

Rogue Legacy is a difficult game and the best part is that it does it without being cheap. The gameplay is smooth and consistent, and you can easily plug in and play with a 360 controller. The controls set up for the keyboard aren't bad, but maneuvering can be crucial in most of the rooms, so if you have a controller you'll want to use it. The game has a great sense of humor, with lots of lighthearted jokes strewn about.

If you see this in time to get the pre-order price, I highly suggest picking it up now. If not, it's only $15.00, so it won't hit your wallet too hard. Either way, if you need something to tide you over until the game drops on 6/27/13, you can get the demo for free at
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