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And so the march of "get a free game with an Anomaly 2 pre-order" continues.  This time, however, if you pre-order Anomaly 2, you'll receive a free copy of the not-available-anywhere-else Anomaly Korea.  You'll have to visit and pre-order it there, but - worst case scenario - typing a new URL into you address bar seems like a small price to pay.

So if you want a second copy of Anomaly 2, maybe to give away to your newborn nephew or brother as a "welcome to Earth" gift, AND a copy of the otherwise unavailable Anomaly Korea then you better get to and get to pre-ordering.  It's all only $14.99.

Today in Crazy News: Anomaly 2 Pre-Order Gift Revealed – Two Great Games In One Bundle

[Anomaly Korea and Anomaly 2 bundle]

Recently, 11 bit studios announced that players who pre-ordered the out-very-soon Anomaly 2 via would not only receive a second copy of the game to gift to a friend, but also a special, second gift. Today we’re revealing that gift… and it’s another great game. Anomaly Korea was released for mobile systems on December 2012 but has never seen a PC version – until now.

Anomaly Korea is not available separately, so if you wish to enjoy the full Anomaly experience, head to and buy Anomaly 2, which takes the award-winning gameplay of Anomaly: Warzone Earth to the next level, adding an entirely new single-player campaign, as well as new skills and tactics. In a first for the series, Anomaly 2 introduces an advanced multiplayer mode where classic tower defense meets aggressive tower offense in a clash of strategy and skill.

Anomaly Korea PC will be available exclusively for players who purchase Anomaly 2 from the developer's site. So if you wish to bag two premiere titles – and a second copy of Anomaly 2 to gift to a friend – for just $14.99, make sure you purchase Anomaly 2 via

Pertinent Details

Developer: 11 bit studios
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Platform: PC
Genre: Tower Offense Strategy
Release Date: May 15
Price: None, Included with Anomaly 2 Pre-Order
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