Portal 2 set for 360 and PC, sorry PlayStation 3

by: John -
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The snubbing of the PlayStation 3 by Valve continues as Doug Lombardi told Eurogamer that Portal 2 will come out this Christmas for the PC and Xbox 360. The first one was part of the PS3's Orange Box that was pretty much panned by everyone for how bad the conversions were. I did play Portal at E3 way back when on the PS3 with Doug talking me through it but Valve's been pretty quiet on the Sony scene since then. For now, it doesn't look like Portal 2 will be on the Sony console.

-Update- As Cyril pointed out, the game did get good scores for the PS3, but what I should have been more specific was that the controls and load times were criticized. Perhaps using the word panned was too strong of a word. I personally played the PS3 version and it was just a bad experience for me compared to the 360 and PC.
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