Polarium Announced for the DS

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This is a couple of days late, but hey, better late than never. Those of you who rushed out to get a DS have no doubt noticed a shortage in titles, well Nintendo's trying to change that, but the manner in which they're approaching it might be less than stellar. They're intent on adding little mini-games and the next such one is Polarium, a game that employs players to draw lines in order to clear their screen. To me, it sounds like an updated version of Qix, that old game for the original Game Boy, or even Jezzball that classic Shareware game. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out, but I'd rather have real games than these little mini-diversions.
Meet Your New Addiction: "Polarium"

No one does puzzle games better than Nintendo. Come April 18, the latest national obsession will be "Polarium"(TM), a simple yet deceptively addictive game for Nintendo DS(TM) that will have people drawing lines and seeing the world in black and white. "Polarium" opens the video gaming experience to all kinds of players, and will make Nintendo DS the must-have system of the spring.

"Polarium" can be learned in seconds, but that belies its hidden complexities. Two players can compete head-to-head using the wireless mode of Nintendo DS as they race to be the first to clear the screen or thwart their opponent. Players also can design their own puzzles and send them wirelessly to a challenger.

Players race against the clock as they tap the touch screen of Nintendo DS to flip black tiles and white tiles to make patterns and puzzles disappear. They must clear the board as patterns drop faster and faster from the upper screen to the playing area on the touch screen. It's simple, it's catchy, it's "Polarium," only on Nintendo DS.
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