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Our ever mischievous-but-helpful friend at Atlus, Aram Jabbari, has sent us a friendly PSA about Persona 4 Arena. The game has been patched, to resolve a number of balance and network issues. Also, a bug that was preventing honest, hardworking players from gaining the Network Mode Level 30 achievement/trophy has been fixed. The patch applies to both the PS3 and 360 builds, so check the press release all the relevant download info and any media or trailers you might have missed.





A new title update/patch is now available for Persona 4 Arena on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. 


The patch fixes an assortment of general, game balance, and network issues, in addition to a bug that was preventing some players from obtaining the "Network mode Level 30" trophy/achievement.


Persona 4 Arena is out now across North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems.  For more information, visit

08/07/12          Character Pack: Shadow Labrys
08/07/12          Character Pack: Labrys
08/07/12          Character Pack: Elizabeth
08/07/12          Character Pack: Mitsuru Kirijo
08/07/12          Character Pack: Teddie
08/07/12          Character Pack: Aigis
08/07/12          Character Pack: Akihiko Sanada
08/07/12          Character Pack: Kanji Tatsumi
07/10/12          Game + Pre-order Bonus Glam Shot
07/10/12          Character Pack: Yu Narukami
07/10/12          Character Pack: Naoto Shirogane
07/02/12          Character Pack: Yukiko Amagi
06/25/12          Character Pack: Yosuke Hanamura
06/21/12          Character Pack: Chie Satonaka
06/05/12          Cover Art
02/21/12          Logo

08/07/12          Story Mode, Batch 2 (6 screens)

07/23/12          Story Mode, Batch 1 (6 screens)

07/23/12          Challenge Mode (6 screens)

07/23/12          Network Mode (6 screens)

07/23/12          Lesson Mode (5 screens)

06/28/12          Arcade Mode, Batch 2 (8 screens)

06/25/12          UI Batch (6 screens)

06/18/12          Arcade Mode (7 screens)

02/21/12          Launch Batch (8 screens)

07/25/12          Behind the Scenes Video

07/25/12          Moves Video: Elizabeth

07/25/12          Moves Video: Labrys

07/25/12          Moves Video: Shadow Labrys

07/17/12          Full Trailer

07/10/12          Moves Video: Teddie

07/03/12          Moves Video: Aigis

07/03/12          Moves Video: Akihiko

07/03/12          Moves Video: Mitsuru

06/26/12          Moves Video: Chie

06/26/12          Moves Video: Naoto

06/26/12          Moves Video: Yosuke

06/26/12          Moves Video: Yu

06/26/12          Moves Video: Yukiko

06/26/12          Moves Video: Kanji

06/14/12          Tutorial Video #2

06/05/12          E3 Trailer

05/01/12          Tutorial Video #1

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