Persona 4 Arena dated for Europe with a Pre Order bonus!

by: Nathan -
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Persona 4 Arena has been out here in the states for quite some time and European gamers have had to wait to get their hands on the game. Well ATLUS has announced that the wait is almost over as Persona 4 Arena will be coming to Europe for Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 10th 2013. 

In addition, those who pre-order P4A will recieve an exclusive Limited Edition bonus content pack featuring the Official Arranged Soundtrack complete with exclusive artwork and a Digital Fan Pack. These will ONLY and I stress ONLY be available to those who pre order the game and will not be available past the release date.

Is not a traditional RPG but a robust righting game featuring 13 playable characters from the Persona universe each with their own story campaigns clocking in at over 30+ hours. The story campaign also picks up where Persona 4 Golden left off. 

For more information check out the following links. 

Official Website
Facebook Page
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