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Atomic Games gave some love of its own to Xbox 360 users on Valentine's Day as the patch for its first Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Breach, went live. The $15 game had been the target of a fair amount of criticism and anecdotal evidence had been pointing to a sparse online community for the first-person multiplayer shooter. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Breach update for all users is that the demo clock has not only been reset, but expanded to a full hour's worth of play. While users won't be able to unlock any Achievements unless they buy the game outright for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), resetting and extending the demo time may attract more players who were originally gunshy or who were just generally dissatisfied with the Breach experience. 

Atomic Games has also put together a lengthy list of fixes, some of which are similar to what was fixed for the PC version of the game back on February 9th. The entire list is after the jump, should you decide to give Breach another go. 
New Breach update for Xbox LIVE Arcade shoots lag in the head
Raleigh, North Carolina - February 14, 2011 /GameBlast/ - Atomic Games, a developer of simulations for US military and intelligence agencies and a pioneer in military action games, announced today the release of a new update for Breach on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.  The update is available immediately and can be downloaded by simply starting the game. 
Breach now offers a full 60 minutes of playing time for free, and all demo clocks have been reset so all players can master the game's unique Active Cover and Destruction capabilities. This is one hour of destruction in convoy, sole-survivor, hardcore and any of the modes on any of the maps. Improving the game even further, this update reduces lag significantly.
Fixes included in this update:             
- All known crashes fixed
- Many fixes to reduce lag
- Online game performance improved by more than 33%
- Bug that caused Sole Survivor games to end in draw fixed
- Bug that caused invisible canister in Retrieval games fixed
- Bug that caused Vendetta icon to appear incorrectly fixed
- Server Browser can now sort by number of players
- Server Browser can now be manipulated with mouse scroll wheel
- Fixed bugs related to Friendly Fire settings
- Better ability for a game with lag to recover when bandwidth improves
Breach is unlike any other game. It is the first military shooter to use precise and massive destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Combined with an advanced cover system where players can use cover even while it is being destroyed around them, Breach enables real-world tactics never possible before now. Breach offers this destruction and active cover system all in a package that costs less than any of its competitors.
Breach is also available for $19.99, or less, on Windows PC through major retailers nationwide, Steam®, and Direct2Drive®. It has been rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB.  Further intelligence can be gathered at
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