PC version Sniper: Ghost Warrior gets a massive patch, Xbox 360 version two weeks away

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City Interactive has released a massive patch for the PC version of Sniper:Ghost Warrior that fixes some serious issues with the AI in the game and fixes some multiplayer and user interface issues that made it into the final version of the product.  If you have the game and are having issues they are strongly recommending you get this patch.

The patch for the Xbox 360 version will be available in the next two weeks (presumably to go through certification by Microsoft) and should fix the same issues on that version of the game. 

The PM part of me is wondering why these weren't caught and fixed before the game shipped or at least made available when the game came out.  Hopefully these are the last of the major patches for the game.
Xbox 360 Patch Due to Follow in the Next Two Weeks

NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2010 – City Interactive today announced that a patch is now available for the PC version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The patch eliminates certain gameplay issues that some users have experienced and can be downloaded via Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/news/4066/). A similar patch is currently in development for the Xbox 360 version and is scheduled for release in two weeks.

“We are thrilled that Sniper: Ghost Warrior was so warmly received by gamers, and we are working zealously to address the issues that some players have been experiencing,” said Marek Tyminski, CEO of City Interactive. “We are determined to make Sniper: Ghost Warrior a game that players find challenging, realistic, and most of all, entertaining, and we are glad the community has sent their comments directly to us.”

The patch addresses the following concerns:

-Hones camouflage system so players are less vulnerable to enemy sight when hidden in vegetation;
-Adjusts enemies’ ability to see players at long distances;
-Adjusts players’ posture and movement speed when spotted by enemies;
-Improves AI behavior in combat situations;
-Includes an improved stealth system;
-Repaired multiplayer statistics;
-Adjusts duration of breath-holding ability;
-Improves multiplayer maps;
-Eliminates random crashes on multi-processor systems;
-Increases stability across several hardware configurations;
-Adjusts melee attack strength;
-Modifies damage, accuracy and range of AI weapons;
-Allows registration of internet profiles;
-Exiting game to menus occurs smoothly.

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