PAX East 2013: Indie Spotlight: Race the Sun

by: Nathan -
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Continuing my spotlight of the coolest Indie games I saw at PAX East we have Race The Sun, a fun and addicting racing game by Flippfly.

In Race The Sun you are a solar craft traversing a minefield of obstacles while at the same time racing against the setting sun. The cool part about the game is that boosts you collect on the playing field will reverse time, causing the sun to go up giving you more time before you either crash or it sets. I found the game extremely fun because its set up in a way that you will want to keep going back over and over again. You think you are having a good run and then one mistake causes you to crash but you'll want to play again and again trying to beat your high score. 

They are going one step further though as they have plans for tons of additional content for the game including a world creator. Players can create their own fields with their own obstacles for other people to use. All of this created content will also be use the simplex world creator so even those with no programming knowledge will be able to create in game content. They are also planning co-op multiplayer. The way it works is one member of a team starts when their life force is depleted another member of a team can pick up where they left off. The game continues until all members of a team have had their life force depleted. 

The full version has not been released just yet but you can play a free alpha version of the game here.

For more information check out their official website.

If you want to help out the creators of the game be sure to give them an up vote on Steam Greenlight.

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