One of the greatest games of all times returns: Ducktales Remastered

by: Jeremy -
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Words just cannot express how giddy I am to relay this news! Capcom has revealed that they are releasing an updated version of the NES classic Ducktales for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and and Wii U. Ducktales Remastered will be available this Summer and is more than just an HD remake.

The game, as you can see in the trailer below, has been completely remastered and rebuilt from the ground up. this isn’t just improved visual resolution, but completely redone graphics and music. Capcom is promising a variety of new features for the game including new levels, new control schemes, and a new Duckburg museum to track your progress.

Expect to learn a lot more about this title in the coming months and congrats Capcom, you are the owner of my new, most anticipated game for 2013!
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