OnLive website live, sign up for the beta now

by: Chuck -
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If you want more information about the OnLive service head over to their website and check out more info on the service.  There's more information about how the system works as well as a place for you to sign up for the beta of the service.

I still have a great deal of skepticism about the service (I think he gets more skeptical as he gets older. - JY )as they've got to overcome the lag that's part of cloud computing as well as dealing with the traffic spikes that new games can produce.  Cloud architecture should mitigate both of these quite a bit but hard core gamers are a finicky bunch.  The system also requires the games to be modified to run on the service and while the folks at OnLive say that it's not that big of a deal any additional development cost is going to be a bother for game developers.

That said the system does have a lot of potential if it works as advertised (just ask the Phantom folks) but I'm holding off judgment until we see it in person and in a real life scenario.
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